Title: A 1949 'Lloyd 650' Car (made in Grimsby)
Author: Photos reproduced here with permission from the copyright holder



An intriguing classic car made entirely at Roland Lloyd's car factory in Patrick Street, Grimsby in 1949 (and registered on 1st January 1950).

Only about eight of these cars are still in existence and only three of these are in running condition, including this one.

During WWII, car production halted and the factory made aircraft engine parts for the Hurricane and Spitfire. After the war, the '650' went into production. The engine is a transversely mounted, 2 stroke, 645cc unit. The drive to the front wheels is by constant velocity joints. The engine doesn't use the conventional petrol/oil mixture. It has a pressure fed crank with oil already in the sump and, instead of normal crankcase compression, it uses a Roland LLoyd patented double acting charging pump that also lubricates the engine.

The car has a canvas soft top roof.

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