Title: 1939 Barclays Bank Limited, Grimsby Cheque
Author: Barclays Bank Limited
Date: May 15th 1939

This cheque is signed by John (E?) Robinson and made out to F J M Ingoldby, who I believe to be Major Frederick John Millar Ingoldby, solicitor. JFMI was born in Little Grimsby in 1882 and was brought up in Louth together with 10 siblings. He died in 1941, aged 59.

JFMI's brother, Christopher Martin Ingoldby was a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Another brother, Second Lieutenant Roger Hugh Ingoldby was killed in action during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

One of JFMI's two sons, Patrick Roger Ingoldby, was killed when HMS Nigeria was torpedoed by the Italians during WWII.

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