Title: 1822 Letter from Mary Hocknell of Thorganby
Author: Mar(e)y Hocknell
Date: A January 2018 scan of an original 1822 letter

A very old letter from a Mary HOCKNELL of Thorganby to a Mr Horncastle of 5, Trinity House, Hull. The letter has a red wax seal and a Grimsby ink stamp. This letter is a wonderful local history and family history item. It's amazing that it has survived in such great condition!

My good friend and genealogist, Wendy Parkinson, tells me that Mary was baptised in Swallow in August 1763 making her 59 years old, and unmarried, when she wrote the letter.

Mary was the daughter of Ralph HOCKNEY and Rebecca (nee OLIVER) who married in Irby in 1763. The couple went on to have three more girls who were all born in Thorganby.

The letter appears to be a plea for some money which Mary is owed. Her father, Ralph, died before January 1814. Mary may be trying to obtain money owed from his estate.

The HOCKNEY and HOCKNELL surnames were interchangeable during these times and became fixed, one way or the other, in later years.

I have a HOCKNEY ancestor. It's likely that all the Lincolnshire HOCKNELLs/HOCKNEYs have family links as it's a Staffordshire area, rather than Lincolnshire, surname.

It's believed that David HOCKNEY, the famous artist, has ancestral ties to Lincolnshire before his family moved to Yorkshire.

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