Title: Taken - The Beelsby Telephone Box
Author: Dave Cordock
Date: November 2017

Like many other lovely villages, Beelsby could’ve kept its iconic 1940s telephone box as a heritage structure for the cost of just £1.  BT asked North East Lincolnshire Council to consult with local residents and other interested parties to see if there is any interest in adopting the village phone box for the tiny fee.  However, North East Lincolnshire Council just rubber-stamped the removal request without carrying out the necessary consultation process and the box was taken away late last year. When challenged about this, NELC said the consultation process was BT’s responsibility and that the council went “above and beyond” anything they were required to do. WRONG!
BT say that if they'd known that there is a will for the box to be kept, and adopted, then they would never have removed it and that North East Lincolnshire Council have not followed their part of the removals procedure.  The local NELC councillor admitted on BBC Radio Humberside that she should have put ‘adoption’ notes through letterboxes.
On North East Lincolnshire Council’s own website, it states the following regarding the K6-type phone box in Beelsby. “Although once widespread, cast-iron phone boxes have become synonymous with historic and rural areas and are therefore important to the character of the villages.”  This puts it perfectly!  Beelsby, a village within the ‘Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, has certainly lost some of its character now that the very well-known phone box on the corner has gone. 
Will those fighting to get a replacement K6 telephone box put back in Beelsby be successful?  Are you able to add your support?

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