Title: Hybrid Marsh-orchid (Dactylorrhiza x)
Author: Paul M. Fenwick
Date: c1986 (June/July)

A photo taken at the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve. Standing over two feet high, I can only assume that this is a hybrid marsh-orchid displaying typical vigour.

I wonder if this is a natural hybrid between the southern marsh-orchid (Dactylorrhiza praetermissa) and the early marsh-orchid (Dactylorrhiza incarnata) or a hybrid between one of the above and the common spotted-orchid (Dactylorrhiza fuchsii) i.e. D. x wintoni, D. x grandis or D. x kernerorum. Is an expert able to help here?

The marsh orchids were even more impressive at this site during the 1980s. A series of years without droughts?

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